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Thank you for your wonderful past support of Relay for Life of Barrington 

we hope you enjoy viewing some of the photos from last year’s event.


We will continue to post more pictures from Meetings, Fundraising Events, and Contributing Business Thank You’s  that precede the 2013 Relay for Life of Barrington.

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Images from “Celebrating More Mother’s Day”

2nd Annual cake Auction at Norton’s USA May 11th

To see videos please follow link to Dropbox File.


Norton's USA Cake Auction Relay for Life of Barrington IMG_2920 IMG_2921 IMG_2922 IMG_2923 IMG_2924 IMG_2925 IMG_2926 IMG_2927 IMG_2928 IMG_2929 IMG_2930 IMG_2931 IMG_2932 IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2935 IMG_2936 IMG_2937 IMG_2938 IMG_2939 IMG_2940 IMG_2941 IMG_2942 IMG_2943 IMG_2945 IMG_2946 IMG_2948 IMG_2949 IMG_2950 IMG_2951 IMG_2952 IMG_2953 IMG_2954 IMG_2955 IMG_2956 IMG_2957 IMG_2958 IMG_2959 IMG_2961 IMG_2962 IMG_2963 IMG_2964 IMG_2965 IMG_2966 IMG_2967




 Rihanna Visits Barrington High School

to recognize their efforts in charity work and

award them for winning her contest.

 A special thanks to Sharon Stagnito and Eleanor McDonald for sharing your photos.

BHS 2 awards signed by Rihanna to help raise money for the community BHS Fight Song - Yeah BHS BHS Kids with TJ from RFL dancing waiting for Rihanna BHS Rihanna fans dancing while waiting Chris interview by Channel 2 at BHS following Rihanna Event Connor interview by Leah Trotter channel 5 with Tiffany from BHS RFL Barrington, after Rihanna event Connor and Tiffany interviewed by channel 5 about the BHS RFL Barrington great fund raising for cancer. Connor interview with Tiffany by Leah Trotter Channel 5 following Rihanna event at BHS Connor interviewed by channel 32 with JT and Tiffany Connor interviewed Dan Ponce channel 9 with Tiffany and Meredith RFL Barrington Connor interviewed by Dan Ponce channel 9 following Rihanna event Following Rihanna event BHS Katherine interviewed by channel 32 Connor with channel 32 with Meredith IMG_2600 IMG_2599 IMG_2601 IMG_2602 IMG_2603 IMG_2606 IMG_2604 IMG_2607 IMG_2611 IMG_2621 IMG_2620 IMG_2619 IMG_2618 IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2627 IMG_2628 IMG_2629 IMG_2630 IMG_2646 IMG_2647 IMG_2648 IMG_2650 IMG_2651 IMG_2655 IMG_2652 IMG_2656 IMG_2657 IMG_2659 IMG_2658 IMG_2660 IMG_2661 IMG_2662 IMG_2665 IMG_2669 IMG_2691 IMG_2687 IMG_2681 IMG_2677 IMG_2709 IMG_2700 IMG_2699 IMG_2698 IMG_2697 IMG_2692 IMG_2761 IMG_2758 IMG_2757 IMG_2754 IMG_2753 IMG_2752 IMG_2751 IMG_2748 IMG_2746 IMG_2734 IMG_2733 IMG_2728 IMG_2727 IMG_2721 IMG_2720 IMG_2711 VIP Rihanna Seating for 3 BHS Groups from Video TJ and BHS dancing waiting for Rihanna to show Tiffany and Connor of BHS RFL Barrington following Rihanna event March 22, 2013 Tiffany and Connor interviewed by Leah Trotter channel 5 for RFL Barrington fund raising for cancer. Rihanna's BHS fans dancing while waiting Rihanna thanks Brother's Keeper for great job helping others in need. Rihanna speaking to BHS students Rihanna speaking praises to BHS students Rihanna says good bye to BHS students and fans, March 22, 2013 Rihanna praising BHS students who raised money to help others in need. Rihanna praising BHS Students Rihanna inspired by BHS youth Rihanna hugs TJ from RFL Barrington Rihanna hugs Meredith from BHS RFL Barrington Rihanna hugs Best Buddy BHS Rihanna honoring Best Buddies BHS Rihanna Event Relay for Life of Barrington thanked at BHS by Rihanna for their great service raising money to help find a cure for cancer and help those in need. Rihanna Event BHS Relay Team JT and Meredith Rihanna BHS fans with TJ RFL dancing Rihanna BHS Fans dancing away the long wait Rihanna BHS event, JT, Meredith, Rachael, Tiffany Rihanna BHS Event, JT, Meredith, Rachael, Tiffany (1) Rihanna BHS Event- BHS Youth Team honored, Thank You Barrington for your Great Support Rihanna BHS Event with RFL BHS Leader Team, Rachael, Connor , Tiffany, Meredith, JT Rihanna BHS Event Rachael, Connor, Tiffany, Meredith, JT, RFL BHS Leaders Team Rihanna BHS  Event JT, Meredith, Rachael, Tiffany Rihanna being asked to BHS prom Rihanna at BHS on March 22 2013 Rihanna at BHS March 22 2013 to honor kids Rihanna and RFL Barrington Thank You  BHS Youth Leader Team Rihanna  thanks Brother's Keeper for helping others in need Riahanna event wtih BHS RFL Barrington Youth Leader TeamMG_2817 RFL Barrington Youth Team Waiting Patiently for Rihanna RFL Barrington Connor interviewed by Channel 32 RFL Barrington Connor BHS Team Youth Leader interviewed by Dan Ponce channel 9 RFL Barrington  Eleanor, Meredith, Tiffany and Connor Rahael, Rihanna and Meredith at BHS Thank you RFL Barrington Peter Chung interviewed following Rihanna event by Eric Peterson by Daily Herald Peter Chung interview by Leah Trotter channel 5 following Rihanna event Meredith, Tiffany and Connor with cameras IMG_2897 IMG_2884 IMG_2876 IMG_2873 IMG_2872 IMG_2865 IMG_2860 IMG_2854 IMG_2851 IMG_2847 IMG_2843 IMG_2842 IMG_2841 IMG_2840 IMG_2836 IMG_2827 IMG_2824 IMG_2822 IMG_2821 IMG_2819 IMG_2816 IMG_2814 IMG_2804 IMG_2800 IMG_2799 IMG_2794 IMG_2789 IMG_2785 IMG_2784 IMG_2782 IMG_2781 IMG_2779 IMG_2776 IMG_2768 IMG_2767 IMG_2766 IMG_2765 IMG_2763 IMG_2762 IMG_2868 3.22.13 BHS - Rihanna 3.22.13 BHS Rihanna Event 3.22.13 BHS student w Prom request to Rihanna 3.22.13 Prom Request BHS Student to Rihanna 3.22.13 RFL Barrington BHS Team Leaders at Rihanne Event 3.22.13 Rianna at BHS 3.22.13 Rihanna - Nick Rodriguez RFL Team 3.22.13 Rihanna - RFL Team Unicorn - Meredith McDonnell's Team, Abby Lears 3.22.13 Rihanna and JT -  Nick Rodriguez RFL Team member 3.22.13 Rihanna BHS Dance Contest - TJ for RFL 3.22.13 Rihanna Event - Connor Maytnier and Relay Team Members 3.22.13 Rihanna Event - Connor Maytnier and RFL Friends and team membersMa 3.22.13 Rihanna Event BHS 3.22.13 Rihanna Event BHS - Meredith McDonnell Relay BHS Leader Team 3.22.13 Rihanna Event, TJ - member RFL Nick Rodriguez TeamIMG_2780




Images from Celtic Fest at McGonical’s Pub March 15th – 17th

3.16 13 McGonigal's Pub Celtic Fest McNally Group 3.16.13 McGonigal's Pub - Bagpipe Mary - Mary Tallman 3.16.13 McGonigal's Pub - Celtic Fest - Jaye Finn and Robi Schnetzea - Raised $32 in 20 min for RFL on the spot - RFL Speed Fund Raiser Award for the Day of Event 3.16.13 McGonigal's Pub Celtic Fest - Brynn Smith, Clare Gourdy and Elena Saez at the RFL Barrington Table 3.16.13 McGonigal's Pub Celtic Fest - Judy and Peter Gibbons (Golf Outing Event Chair) and Mary Tallman - Bagpipe Mary 3.16.13 McGonigal's Pub Celtic Fest - Judy and Peter Gibbons with Jaye Finn - Newest Speed RFL Fundraiser - 20 min raised $32 at this event for RFL 3.16.13 McGonigal's Pub Celtic Fest - Peter Gibbons and Eleanor McDonnell Giving RFL Gift Away 3.16.13 McGonigal's Pub Celtic Fest - RFL Event Speed Raisers - $32 in 20 min Jaye Finn and Robi Schnetzea in Irish Attire for their Speed Fundraising 3.16.13 McGonigal's Pub Celtic Fest - RFL Gift winner Connie's Birthday, Peter Gibbons and Eleanor McDonnell 3.16.13 Wickstrom Purple Relay Jeep Thank you Barrington 2013 3.16.13. McGonigal's Pub Celtic Fest - RFL Barrington - Gfit Winner Maureen Kelley and friend Greatchen Jones - Happy Birthday! 2013 Relay for Life of Barrington Cake- Created by Piece of Cake - Diane Ahrens 2013 RFL Barrington Cake - Created by Diane Ahrends - Piece of Cake Bakery

Images from Meetings and Events from February 1 – March 14th

2.6.13 PTO Presidents Council 2.9.13 Eleanor and Kristin Cavallari 2.9.13 KC Shoes from Chinese Laundry 2.9.13 Kristin Cavallari Shoes 2.9.13 Kristin Cavallari Shoes (2) 2.9.13 Photos from Kristin Cavellari  2.9.13 Tiffany and Meredith BHS with Kristin C Shoes2.9.13 RFL BHS Leader w Miss Illinos Team2.13.13 Committee Meet - RFL2.15.13 BHS Cafeteria RFL Teachers Meet2.15.13 BHS Cafeteria Teacher RFL Meet2.15.13 BHS RFL Presentation 2.15.13 RFL BHS Teachers Meeting2.15.13 BHS Teacher Meet RFL Table2.15.13 BHS Teachers Meeting and RFL2.15.13 BHS Team Meeting w Teachers for RFL2.15.13 RFL BHS Teacher Meeting Cafeteria 2.15.13 RFL BHS Teachers Meeting - BHS RFL Team Leaders2.15.13 RFL Table at BHS2.23.13 Barr 2012 Awards2.23.13 Barr Award RFL 20122.23.13 Barr Awards2.23.13 Barr RFL 202 Award2.23.13 Barrignton 2012 Awards2.23.13 RFL Barr Awards2.23.2013 Barr Award 20122.26.13 RFL Silent Auction Fundraising Lunch Committee2.27.13 - Nicks Team2.27.13 BHS Team Meeting2.27.13 BHS Team Meeting Connor and Tiffany2.27.13 BHS Team Meeting Winners2.27.13 BHS Teams2.27.13 Kelly Thank you2.27.13 RFL Thank you _ Kelly2.27.13 Team Meeting Evening2.27.13 Team Meeting Heinen's Food Donated2.29.13 BHS Latino Club Team3.3.13 - Gary Shapino - Focus Products3.3.13 - Hsw Show  - Wilton Display3.3.13 Hsw Show - Cake Boss - Buddy3.3.13 Paula Dean - Eleanor Hsw Show3.3.13 Wilton Door3.3.13 Wilton Sign - Hsw Show3.3.13 Witlon - Nancy Siler,Eric Erwin - Eleanor3.11.13 Gary Fencik - BHS3.11.13 Gary Fencik My birthday BHS2013 RFL BHS  Latino Rising Star AwardBarr Ice House Thank You 2012Barrington Ice House MallBarrington Ice House Thank You 2012Clarke's Bakery - Best Sugar Cookie and Brownies 2.6.13Clarke's Bakery and RFL Barrington 2.6.13Darker - Barrington Ice House MallFeb 27 2013 Thank you Sergios Pizza and Tony for Pizza For BHS Youth Team Realy MeetingGet Your Team Packet - 2013Guy Fieri Hsw Show 3.4.13IMG_2526   Sergio's Pizza, Matt Moser, George Dioguardi, Bob Romanowski and Chuck MusilSign - A - Rama Barrington - Vern Jones Thank you from RFL BarringtonSign-A-Rama Barrrington - Vern Jones 224-848-4620Thank you Sign-A-Rama Barrington - Vern Jones for our great signs!

Images from 2012 Relay for Life of Barrington

Relay for Life of Barrington Thank You for Walking        Relay for Life of Barrington Cake BannerRelay for Life of Barrington 2012 Volunteers        Relay for Life of Barrington TeamsRelay for Life of Barrington Performers